Small Animal Surgery

There are many orthopaedic problems that can be addressed in a general practice setting, while others are best referred to dedicated specialist centres. For procedures that require more specialised equipment and/or intensive post-operative care, please contact your nearest specialist centre.

Some of the procedures that can be treated in a general practice setting include:

  1. Arthrodesis (partial or complete) of the carpus and tarsus
  2. Cruciate ligament rupture
    1. Modified de Angelis for small dogs and cats
    2. Tibial Tuberosity Advancement for small to medium breed dogs with tibial plateau deformity
    3. Triple Tibial Osteotomy for medium to large breed dogs
  3. Fractures of the long bones in cats, small, medium and large breed dogs
  4. Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis
  5. Ligament repairs e.g. carpal collateral rupture, stifle collateral rupture
  6. Patella luxation surgery (medial or lateral)